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temperatures out here towards the pink that's out towards solano county. hard freeze warning for the sacramento valley, also solano county. could see upper teens to mid-20s by tomorrow morning. the culprit is a real drop in the jet stream. it's allowing this cold air which is usually damned up east of the cascades to spill all the way down into california. this pattern's going to stick around at least until about monday. notice how quickly we reach freezing in the bay area. by midnight, already in the north and east bay valleys, pretty close to 30 degrees. and then purple on the map or darker blues indicating some 20s out towards solano county, the east bay, areas south of san jose and likely north bay. look at san francisco. low to mid-30s even around the water. so mostly clear skies tonight. of course, that's going to help our temperatures to drop off. and during the day tomorrow, sunshine but it's going to be really quite cold. as you can see, our high temperatures again tomorrow, upper 40s to near 50 to wrap up the weekend. 49 around milpitas. around the east bay, highs low 50s and upper 40
is live at the state capital in sacramento with more tonight. jodi? >> reporter: not much in the way of criticism here at the state capital. after years of budget deficits, the governor says the state is finally back on track and he says he intends to keep it that way. >> we have brought in just two years a solid and enduring budget and by god, we are going to preserve and keep it that way for years to come. >> reporter: an optimistic governor brown says california has don't impossible but must do work to make sure the state stays on solid financial ground n his 11th state of the state address the governor stressed the importance of paying down debt, building reserves and not spending money we don't have. >> it's cruel to lead people on by expanding good programs only to cut them -- cut them back when the funding disappears. this isn't progress. it's not even progressive. it's an illusion. the stop and go t, the boom and bustselves no one. we are not going back there. >> reporter: governor laid out ideas for the second half of his term, including upgrading the state's water system, i
. >> the sacramento diocese that oversees the high school said it welcomes the police investigation, and will fully cooperate, they say they are offering counciling to all six boys they say were victimized and to the boy's family. no word on how long the police investigation will take. reporting live in vallejo. joed, thank you, new details tonight in the gunman hoax that shut down three school campuses in sunny vale last friday, the district attorney's office is being asked to file criminal charges, against a man who made up a story saying that he saw a gunman on campus. it was a fabrication. the schools were all locked down for hours. sunnyvale officers were called in early and kept in overtime, in addition to requesting help from neighboring police agencies. the police chief does not want to tell how much the hoax cost because he does not want to discourage others from reporting incidents. >> a few quirky fixtures meant to brighten spirits may be removed. dozens of paint today gnomes have been showing up, and they are worried that the screws for the gnomes could hurt the integrity of the poles.
. sacramento was named the permanent capitol less than a year later. were it not for the explosion, with would california's capitol building now stand in the south bay? >> it's a possibility and certainly something to ponder. >> clare's research has led santa clare a county to put up a monument to the disaster this april, a reminder of the bay area's steamboat history and the one ship that may have changed bay area history. >> this is a story that belongs to everybody. >> that monday eument is going a place that was a hub of transportation for the south bay. it's going up in april, and of course, the 160th anniversary of the disaster. >> learned so much just now. thank you, garvin. >> let's bring in jeff, we will talk about the weather and any rain in our forecast here? >> well, eventually we are going to get a little bit in here coming that way in the seven-day forecast, but for right now in the immediate, radar picture showing no rain drops. the big story continues to be the gusty winds on the coast line, 15 to 35 miles an hour. and let's go to the other story. rare january sunshine, so stro
. >> thank you, a plan to arm teachers and other staff at california schools was introduced in sacramento today by a republican aassembly man. it was proposed that they authorize school districts to use general funds to train and qualify teachers, administrators and janitors to carry concealed firearms on campus. they would be considered school martials, not unlike err mart l martials. >> more on that story, we first brought you last night, san francisco police have reopened the case of missing child kevin collins, the 10-year-old disappeared from a bus stop almost 30 years ago. now, yesterday, officers searched the home and discovered bones under a concrete floor. you see some of the clean up video here, the bones are being tested today, but the officials are saying that it looks more like animal remains. a person of interest lived in the home when kevin disappeared, but have not identified him yet or explained what led them to reexamine the home. >> the punishment for the august sixth fire at the bp refinery that gas and black smoke over several nearby neighborhoods, they said that the
did not even get stuck. it just brushed up against a bank in the sacramento river. >> reporter: but this latest incident is by no means minor. and now the board, the coast guard and the ntsb are all trying to get to the bottom of it. and we are back here live where you can see the oil tanker remains anchored here in the bay tonight. it's unclear how long it will be here, but most certainly during the initial stages of this investigation. now, the u.s. coast guard also confirms tonight that drug and alcohol tests were performed on the pilot. the results of the alcohol tests have come back. and we are told they came back negative. reporting live on treasure island, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi, thank you. the question is fairly simple. how did this happen again? big changes were made after the tanker hit the bay bridge five years ago. most of those changes deal with where the ships can and cannot go during times of low visibility on the bay, but the bay bridge has no such restrictions. nbc bay area's arturo santiago soins joins us. what now? what changes can be
. the two same-sex couples appeared and the ninth circuit court struck it down. >>> in sacramento lawmakers returned to the capitol from holiday break. democrats are now in control of both state houses, so they'll have the votes to move legislation without gop support. capitol observers say that's likely to mean fewer deadline problems with passing the state budget. >>> and speaking of getting back to work, the san jose sharks are back on the ice. yes, the lockout is over. the deal to end the 113-day work stoppage was struck yesterday morning. the revised and shortened sharks schedule is expected to be released on wednesday. it's believed the season will start the weekend of january 19th. let's bring in nbc bay area's kris sanchez from the shark tank. a lot of happy players, fans and business owners, right? >> reporter: a lot of happiness all around, but a lot of folks feeling a little angry and frustrated still, though the sharks say they are ready to make it up to them. >> just move everything around. >> reporter: we were in the locker room as it opened to players for the first time since
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7